I first contacted Catherine as I wanted a more natural approach to menopausal relief.She was professional, kind and made me feel heard. I felt that she wanted the best for me and my presenting symptoms.I recently had my second follow up appointment with Catherine and can say I have had noticeable improvements already, and can't thank her enough for helping me with this process.

I would highly recommend her homeopathic services to anyone wanting an alternative more natural approach to healing and helping yourself through any issues you may have.
We feel very fortunate to have been given the opportunity to meet Catherine. I brought my daughter, who is quite shy for 1st consultation and Catherine was so professional, kind and so helpful and after a few questions, she bonded with my daughter very well.

She always asked the right question and matched my daughter's personality to the correct remedy, which was great! I would highly recommend Catherine Gower’s homoeopathy.
Great Dunmow
I’ve recently started working with Catherine and in just a few weeks I’ve seen huge improvements in various health issues from eczema to PMS.She is very detailed in her process while being friendly and professional.I’m so grateful to have found her.
Catherine has helped me with pretty much everything; from arthritis in my joints, anger in my body and hot sweats to low energy, insomnia, skin infections, PMS and brain fog. The list goes on!!! I have been seeing Catherine for over a year and will continue to do so; she is a vital part of my healthcare / self-care routine and my wellbeing has improved significantly since working with her.

Catherine takes every issue and ailment you bring to the session seriously, you feel completely understood and heard which is hugely important for me as most issues are personal and sensitive. I recommend Catherine to everyone, she is absolute magic.
Catherine helped me hugely with a sinus problem I had been having for a number of years when traditional prescriptions did not work.She did a very thorough initial consultation and gave me some homeopathic medicine to take over a period of 6 months.I was delighted with the outcome. My sinus issues disappeared and it has been 3 months now with no return.I would definitely return to Catherine for help in future.
Bushey Hertfordshire
CG is dedicated to improving peoples lives!I have been undergoing treatment from CG for around 18 months for many issues including recovery pain due to a broken kneecap, stress whilst caring for my mum who had dementia and also bereavement, depression and grief which all had both physical and mental effects on my body.

CG cannot do enough to try and help resolve issues and consistently reviews to assess whether the treatment prescribed is making a difference and checks in to monitor. I feel assured in her knowledge of homeopathy and the confidence in which she is able to recommend a course of action.At times I felt a bit lost at sea but CG’s help has enabled me to get back on course and start feeling like my old self again. Thank you!
Bishops Stortford
I have been seeing Catherine for almost a year now for a variety of reasons. Since starting treatment things have improved drastically and I feel more and more like myself as time goes by. Catherine is kind, caring and compassionate, taking time to really listen and ensures you get the most out of each session so you really get the benefits of homeopathy.
Catherine has been helping me for a number of years now. I had been suffering from trauma and anxiety and through her expertise helped me greatly. Perimenopause is a new chapter in my life which Catherine has been working closely with me. My recommendation for Catherine and Homeopathic medicine is the best way forward.
Louth, Ireland
Having suffered with lower back pain for many years, Catherine was recommended to me when my pain was particularly acute after playing golf. During my consultation I found Catherine to be very warm, caring, easy to talk to, and was struck by how passionate she is about her work and finding the right course of treatment for me personally, taking everything into consideration.

Within a couple of days of starting her recommended treatment, the pain had subsided and I was moving very freely again. Moreoever, I've also had very little pain playing golf since then, which is incredible. Catherine also helped me when I became very unwell with Covid a couple of months ago - I was astonished at how quickly the remedy enabled me to function normally again, given how I was feeling. I'm glad Catherine and Homeopathy was recommended to me; she will certainly continue to be a central part of managing my healthcare in the future and I can now highly recommend her.
After trying to conceive for years and one failed round of IVF I contacted Catherine for help through homeopathy. I now have a beautiful 6 month old son and could not be more greatful. Catherine has not only been very thorough and caring during any appointments I had with her but also highly professional.

I have continued to seek help from her for other medical problems including some help with my dog from which he has benefitted greatly. Her consultations are conducted with great sensitivity and she always keeps in mind that it is possible and sensible for homeopathy and conventional medicine to work together where appropriate. I would highly recommend Catherine.
Louth, Ireland
As a practitioner, I found Catherine to be thorough and she took the time to consider all factors contributing to my symptoms. The remedies that Catherine prescribed for me have been and continue to be a great help in managing mild to moderate anxiety which was impacting my sleep.

Additionally, I suffer from IBS symptoms from time to time and these are no under control. I would have no hesitation in recommending Catherine for homeopathy treatment and will consider accessing treatment for other members of my family in future.
Louth, Ireland
After many a sleepless night Catherine helped us with a toddler having a really difficult time teething.Initially we were slightly sceptical, but after a detailed, friendly and professional consultation, my wife and I were amazed to see instant results and delighted to finally be able to get a good night's sleep. We've subsequently been seeking Catherine's help in dealing with various other ailments common among children and we find the treatments to be extremely effective in helping to manage both of our children's health.

We would highly recommend Catherine to anyone who feels exasperated by the frequency and persistence of childhood illnesses, you'll never look back. Thanks again Catherine!
I had suffered with anxiety for many years but during the Covid lockdowns things got so much worse and I didn't feel comfortable around people. I couldn't sleep and it was affecting every aspect of my life. I reached out to Catherine, and during my initial consultation I felt listened to and understood. She was very careful in finding the right remedy to suit me. Thanks to Catherine and her care I feel more like myself than I have done in many years.
Louth Ireland
I'm currently going through menopause and was experiencing chronic period pain. I contacted Catherine for help around midday. My pain on a scale of 1 to 10 was most certainly hitting over the top.After a consultation and advice from Catherine on what remedies to take my pain was more like a 3.I continued the remedy for a couple of days and not only was I pain free but also had much more energy.Homeopathy really does work, and I will be continuing with a follow up call.Highly recommend.
I have been privileged to have a homoeopathic consultation with Catherine. She is a very professional, thoughtful and excellent Homeopath.I suffered for five years with a lack of sleep problems.Catherine listed all my life stories to fully understand everything about me, all my fears, anxiety, emotions and my personality. She asked lots of questions and established my personal type so well that she managed to get the correct remedy immediately after my first consultation. Having an appointment with Catherine, I knew she would get the right treatment for me, as I felt so comfortable with her that I could open up immediately. I also felt relieved after my consultation, as it was very comfortable talking to her.After my first consultation, she gave me a homoeopathic remedy and I noticed a huge difference. My sleep problems hugely improved and I could again sleep through all night and started enjoying daily activities.

I also suffered back and shoulder pain problems after my motorbike accident 20 years ago. I was unable to do the simple movement with my shoulder and this caused terrible anxiety as I could not do any exercise. Since starting treatment, the pain has been beginning to disappear. It is incredible how Catherine managed to target both my sleep and back/shoulder problems simultaneously.I am fortunate and grateful to be her patient. I could never have achieved such a significant improvement without Catherine's professional intention and huge heart. Anytime I have more problems, she is always there to help and support me. I highly recommend homoeopathy treatment and consultation with Catherine, as I know everyone would benefit from her outstanding guidance.